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Pearl Park is located in the city center, originally dug for the construction of the railway Jinpu left reservoirs. After the liberation of a comprehensive treatment by 1958, into the park, said Tai Tong Park, with a total area of 6.9 hectares, of which water area of 3.4 hectares. 1999, modified by re-planning, changed its name to Pearl Park. Today';s Pearl Garden Xiumu verdant, fragrant grass, blue waves, winding streets, Kiosk Taixie, ...[Detail]

Tu yang, Jian Kai Mother of the West, such as the kind of woman with huge rock sitting on the cliff top, the legend is the start of the mother stone. Tu Jing Kai, Department of Mother Stone famous scenic spot scenic spot, visitors to pay tribute Yu mountain, but also must be the beginning of the Xia Kaiguo the first in his mother praise, pay tribute to some. Yap Yin Ming Yuan poetry goes: "Tu-Pro Huaihai the country, thousands of mountain stone ...[Detail]

Jing Tu in the Scenic Area. Tu the top, Yu Temple of the West, there are cliffs Chihiro, Shun the wrong plate down the steps, through the dense woods, over rugged rocks, you can reach the famous Quan; if the mother stone from the start by way of the Northwest, Utah for the Jie will. Spring on the Cliff, "Quan," the word is said to bring concubine Song Su Tu and two sons when the hand of the book tour. The next, "Lingquan" word, mass pilgrimage ...[Detail]